Pandora CDx™

The Pandora CDx developed by POC Medical Systems is a microfluidic platform for rapid, point-of-care screening. It is based on a unique, low cost disposable microfluidic disk. The platform is a very simple and easy-to-use system which seeks to replace laboratory ELISA-based screening technology. The technology provides for a simultaneous molecular test for the presence of 48 serum markers at the point of care and is ideal for screening capabilities for other life-threatening diseases.

The Existing Laboratory Process

Blood Separation

Once blood is drawn from the arm using venipuncture, red blood cells need to be separated to produce plasma. Large centrifuges spin the blood at ultra high speeds and are used for blood separation.


The supernatant plasma then needs to be aspirated out and transferred into a tube. At that point, reagents and plasma are carefully measured and mixed together by a trained lab technician.