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Diagnostics for Both the Poor & the Rich; Male & Female

Since only a fraction of total patients visiting a doctor are being tested for breast cancer, POC is developing alternate and complementary tests to capture the generalist physician’s entire patient base which consists of not only women but men. The women will be tested for cardiac indications and breast cancer while men will only be tested for cardiac indications. This widened illness application by Pandora testing units is achieved by simultaneous testing on a single disc which supports up to 64 channels with up to three customized biomarkers per channel.

Scenario 1: As-Is Model

The as-is model for diagnostics is predicated upon a doctor’s hypothesis determined by patient examination. Once a doctor believes a patient is affected by a particular illness the patient is sent for testing of said illness. The patient then has to visit a lab where testing is administered by another party and the patient is sent away to await results. If the doctor’s hypothesis is correct the patient needs to come back a week later to discuss treatment options. If the doctor’s hypothesis is incorrect the patient needs to return to the doctor for additional testing. Therefore, regardless of the accuracy of the doctor’s diagnosis, unnecessary lab and second doctor visit costs are incurred as well as the dead weight loss of time spent waiting for testing, waiting for results, and traveling to a from the doctor’s office for a follow-up . Due to this time consuming process most patients do not go through for the follow up and hence the result is significant loss in human lives.

Scenario 2: Pandora Model

The Pandora model contemplates testing done at the doctor’s office, either before or during a patient’s screening, depending on the purpose of their visit and the doctor’s diagnosis during the time of visit. This allows the doctor to discuss patient results and treatment options and the delivery of true personalized medicine. It also saves significant costs on administering separate testing and preserves a patient’s precious time.

Do the rich need Pandora? – Yes, Time is Money!
There may be a misconception that Pandora is only for the poor that live in remote areas where modern medicine is inaccessible. Although cost may not matter, a wealthy CEO is sometimes too busy to visit the doctor and therefore benefits from a shorter sample-to-answer. The poor are discriminate about monetary costs and the cost of their time since they do not have the privilege of taking time away from work to get tested.

Figure 1 – Rich & Poor

Patient Base Application Cost Importance Opportunity Cost Importance
Poor High High
Rich Low High

Pandora is not just for testing for breast cancer of women that cannot afford the cost and can allocate time to visit locations with imaging modalities like mammography. It has broader applications to both males and females, rich or poor.