India Spring Day 2017
August 5, 2017

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SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – POC Medical Systems, based in Livermore CA was honored to be a Gold Sponsor of the India Spring Day 2017 event. Our vision to bring next generation diagnostics for a better life resonated with the thousands of people who attended the Spring Day hosted by Women Now TV.

We believe that every cancer warrior, a kshatriya as Aparna Venkatesh, Global Marketing Director of POC Medical Systems calls them, lives on hope and perseverance. This hope is what Sanjeev Saxena, CEO and Founder of POC Medical Systems took four years to productize – the Pandora CDxTM, a lab-in-a box test for early screening for breast cancer. Every woman in the festival and particularly the cancer warriors believed that we could give them and their daughters that hope for a brighter future and a safer tomorrow.


We each have a right to life, dream big and be held by our loved ones for many, many years and POC Medical Systems hopes to bring these dreams to reality by providing a revolutionary screening tool for breast cancer. We are launching our first product the MammoAlertTM, a rapid, portable, screening test for the early detection of breast cancer designed to provide accurate results with just a few drops of blood in about 15 minutes.


As per Ms. Ena Sarkar, the CEO of Women Now TV: Women Now Tv sponsored by POC Medical Systems Inc. provided a platform for a group of warriors to relay the inspiring stories of true agents of change by becoming models of hope! A fashion show helped showcase the valiance of survivors that was life affirming! An assortment of emotions poured out on the stage where intense feelings of overwhelming, disruption, frustration, and denial reverberated to become a strong sense of acceptance!

-By Aparna Venkatesh

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