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    There is an urgent need in today’s society for providing high quality healthcare for a reduced price with a shift in focus from specialized treatment of late-stage diseases to an emphasis on their early detection. These changes require the development of inexpensive and easy-to-use medical devices and information sharing tools that provide timely health information. It has also become essential to focus on reducing the diagnosis time as people are becoming increasingly reluctant to spending enormous amount of time commuting between the test labs and the doctor’s clinic.

    POC Medical System, Inc is a young company founded by well experienced technology and biomedical professionals, with a patent-protected Point of Care Testing product for Breast Cancer. POC Medical systems was born as result of the need for creating diagnostics which would be available for the larger population.

    POC Medical Systems (“POC”) is bringing accessible, next generation diagnostics to market. The company’s flagship device, the Pandora CDx Point-of Care System (“Pandora”), resolves the two systemic issues in modern diagnostics: geographic inaccessibility and cost prohibition. POC Medical Systems platform has been developed between.

  • Management

    Team Members
    Sanjeev Saxena, CEO, Serial Entrepreneur.

    Sanjeev Saxena is an experienced International Executive with over 25 years of experience in Sales and Marketing and operations in the Biomedical industry. He is the founder of POC Medical Systems a Medical Device company in Livermore. He has cofounded several Biotech and Medical device companies. He was a key team member in taking Sepragen public. He was also part of the founding team for both Scanis a Medical device company (focused on Breast Cancer detection using CAD) and Actis Biologics (A leading Indian Biotech Company focused on developing various cancer diagnostics and therapeutics). He managed the Indian operations and raised over $15million for the company. He was also the recipient of the prestigious Udhog Lagu award and the European Science award and was nominated by Ernst and Young for the Entrepreneur of the year award in 2011 in India.

    Team Members
    Eugene Louis Burton, Ph.D., CSO,

    Over 30+ years in development of various drugs and diagnostic kits at Genentech, Bayer, Receptor Biologics and most recently as an Industry consultant at DNA Bridges advising various startup and mid-size companies on development and scale up. Prior to joining the industry, Dr. Burton was an Associate professor at Rockefeller Institute. At Genentech he headed up the development of drugs like TPA etc. and at Bayer the development of Recombinant Factor VIII.

    Francis Lau, Ph.D., Director Research - Assay Development

    Francis Lau, PhD is a Protein Scientist with several years of industry experience. Before joining POC Medical Systems he was Senior Scientist and Project Manager at a Bay Area CRO. Among his many contributions he developed all the biochemical assays used in the “Virtual Liver” program for Strand Life Sciences. Previously, he worked at Receptor Biologics where he optimized the protein purification process and later became head of their analytical department. He obtained his PhD from UCLA and has held positions at UCSF and Gryphon Therapeutics where he was a NIH-Postdoctoral Fellow.

    Adesh Kumar, Vice President of Engineering

    Adesh has 20+ years of experience in healthcare and IT fields. Has worked as hospital consultant, as biomedical engineer and as software engineer in various big, small and startup organizations in US and India. Recent experience includes managing web support operations of a major online retailer specialized in wall decor.

    Andrea Cuppoletti, Ph.D., Vice President, Development

    With over 14 years of experience in Life Sciences, developing novel platforms and reagents for diagnostics, Dr. Cuppoletti heads the development effort at POC Medical Systems. Before joining POC Medical Systems, Andrea was Architect at Theranos, where has built and led teams for the development of Nucleic Acid Amplification platforms for detection of pathogens, as well as for the design, synthesis and scale up of reagents for a wide variety of clinical assays. Prior to that, Andrea was the Chief Technology Officer of Molecular Stamping, where he led the efforts toward the development of a proprietary technology for the manufacturing of DNA microarrays. He obtained his PhD in Chemistry from the University of Rochester and has held a Postdoctoral appointment at Stanford.

    Mike Araia, CPA, CGMA, Controller

    Over 30+ years in all aspect of accounting and finance in a wide array of industries but with a special emphasis in Medtech and Biotech with companies like Kontron, Sepragen and NorCal. He has consulted with startups in helping setup accounting systems and also with more mature companies in handling all aspects of an IPO etc. He has handled all aspects of finance and SEC filings for private and public companies

    Bradley Morgan, Vice President Business Development

    Brad has 15+ years of investment banking and management consulting experience in healthcare field. He has managed over $20Billion in debt and Equity transactions at various companies. Most recently he was a Partner at Katan Associates and prior to that Managing Director of Business Development at Onemed Place. Prior to that he was the Project leader of financial restructuring and Change Management at Block Industries, a leader in the manufacturing and distribution of aluminized steel, where he successfully restructured the company through a series of strategic engagements during the financial downturn of the last decade. Brad also ran and managed a successful long/short hedge fund with the objective of arbitraging the release and dissemination of information which returned nearly 450% over six years. Before that he was a Senior Financial Analyst at Holliday Fenoglio Fowler. Brad holds a B.A., magna cum laude (with thesis honors) in both Economics and English from Emory University.

  • Advisory Board:

    Marc Madou – Consulting CTO to the company

    Professor Madou a pioneer in CD Microfluidics is a Chancellor professor at UC Irvine. Before joining UCI as the Chancellor’s Professor in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MEA), Dr. Madou was Vice President of Advanced Technology at Nanogen in San Diego, California. He specializes in the application of miniaturization technology to chemical and biological problems (BIO-MEMS). He is the author of several books in this burgeoning field he helped pioneer both in Academia and in Industry. He founded several micromachining companies and has been on the board of many more.

    Many of his colleagues became well known in their own right in academia and through successful MEMS start-ups. Madou was the founder of the SRI International’s Microsensor Department, founder and President of Teknekron Sensor Development Corporation (TSDC), Visiting Miller Professor at UC Berkeley and Endowed Chair at the Ohio State University (Professor in Chemistry and Materials Science and Engineering). The third edition of “Fundamentals of Microfabrication,” an introduction to MEMS and NEMS, which has become known as the “bible” of micromachining, was published in July of last year (http://fundamentalsofmicrofabrication.wordpress.com/). Dr. Madou currently leads UCI’s efforts in Advanced Manufacturing and in Educational Outreach in Advanced Manufacturing.

    Some of Dr. Madou’s recent research work involves artificial muscle for responsive drug delivery, a compact disc-based fluidic platform and carbon MEMS, the two latter fields were pioneered by Dr. Madou. To find out more about those recent research projects, visit www.biomems.net. At UCI Dr. Madou works on carbon-MEMS, a CD based fluidic platform, artificial muscle for responsive drug delivery and integrating fluidics with DNA arrays as well as researching label–free assays for the Molecular Diagnostics platform of the future.

    Matt Coleman, - Advisor

    Matthew A. Coleman, Ph.D., is Associate Adjunct Professor at the University of California, Davis (UC-Davis) in the Department of Radiation Oncology and a member of the NIH Cancer Center. He is also an appointed Senior Staff Scientist at LLNL. Prior to his professorship at UC-Davis, he obtained a B.S., in Biology from the University of Massachusetts (1987), and a Ph.D., in Biophysics from Boston University (1997). Additionally, in 1997, he embarked in a Genomic Studies program at LLNL.

    In addition, to his academic advisory role at UC-Davis, Dr. Coleman's current activities include steering various UC-Davis programs, including UC-Davis' Industry-University Cooperative Research Program. He has authored over 60 publications in peer-reviewed journals, published proceedings and book chapters covering a diverse breadth of molecular biology and biochemistry. Dr. Coleman has three patents and six patents pending related to biomarker discovery and biotechnology. For his work in the area of nanolipoproteins -membrane protein complexes, Dr. Coleman received a Nanotechnology 50 award for co-development of his innovative approach to produce and solubilize membrane proteins using nanoparticles.

    Dr. Coleman's research focuses on understanding the processes involved in genome instability following genotoxic stresses such as ionizing radiation. His research also uses novel approaches in nanotechnology, using nanolipoproteins to help characterize biological components involved in cell signaling.

    Dennis L. Matthew, Ph.D., - Advisor

    Dennis Matthews's is an expert in developing optically based biosensors and medical devices. Dr. Matthews is Principal Investigator and Director of the UC Davis National Science Foundation’s Center for Biophotonics Science and Technology. He is also the Associate Director and Biomedical Technology Program Leader for the UC Davis Cancer Center that received NCI designation in 2002. In addition, Dr. Matthews is responsible for the development of industrial and medical applications of Lawrence Livermore National Lab (LLNL) technology, especially for the prevention, screening, diagnosis and treatment of diseases such as diabetes, stroke, brain trauma, chronic pain and cardiovascular disease.

    Dr. Matthews leads a multi-directorate center within Livermore whose mission is to develop medical devices in collaboration with industry. Current projects and those already successfully transferred to industry include: an opto-acoustic recanalization device for treating ischemic stroke; a miniature x-ray source which is mounted on a microcatheter and used to treat coronary artery restenosis; micropower impulse radar for numerous medical diagnostics, including: differentiating hemorrhagic vs. ischemic stroke; an implantable, continuous-glucose monitor; and ultra-short-pulse laser microsurgery devices.

    Narendra Malani, M.D., - Advisor

    Dr. Narendra Malani is a pulmonologist in San Ramon, California and is affiliated with San Ramon Regional Medical Center. He received his medical degree from NRS Medical College Calcutta and has been in practice for 32 years. He is one of 3 doctors at San Ramon Regional Medical Center who specialize in Pulmonary Disease.

    Sue Preston, Clinical Affairs & Quality Assurance

    30 + years executive experience in Regulatory Affairs in the Biotechnology and Diagnostic Industry. Former president of Arriva, VP of Chiron Global Regulatory Affairs and VP of Worldwide Regulatory Affairs at Alpha Therapeutics.

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