Next-generation Diagnostics
for a Better Life

Addressing the Point-of-Care

We bring widely accessible, next generation screening tools to the market. Our flagship device, the Pandora CDx point-of-care system resolves the two systemic issues with modern diagnostics: geographic inaccessibility and cost prohibition.

Saving Lives with Early Detection

The Pandora CDx™ Point-of-Care System

The Pandora CDx™, developed by POC Medical Systems, is a technology platform designed for rapid, accurate, and portable disease screening at the point-of-care. This unique “lab-in-a-box” is a miniaturized version of the laboratory process contained within a microfluidic CD. At a minimal cost significantly less than a mammogram, with a test-to-result time of about 30 minutes, high sensitivity and specificity, and requiring only a few drops of blood, our first product to market, MammoAlert™, is a true breast cancer pre-screening tool. MammoAlert™ is breaking barriers and is available to both women in rural and urban areas across the globe.

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The Growing Cancer Pandemic

Each year there are over 14 million new cases of cancer and more than 8 million cancer related deaths even though nearly 70% of cancer is curable if detected early. Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer in women worldwide with 23% of all cancer cases due to breast cancer and more than 1.7 million new cases of cancer diagnosed globally each year. The annual combined death toll from breast cancer is over half a million. According to the WHO, only 60 million of the world’s women have been screened, 25 million of whom are in the United States. In countries like China and India with vast unscreened populations, the reality may be closer to over 16 million cases of breast cancer which could result in 4.5 million global deaths unless detected early.

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